Power Cable Manufacturers Offer Custom Control Panels

Industrial applications need dependable and effective control panels. Your company may have a good system in place, but for most businesses, there’s always room for improvements and upgrades. Here are some important reasons to upgrade with a custom built control panel from the best power cable manufacturers.

Loose Connections

Old or outdated terminals, splices, and connections can become loose over time. For example, every time you need to make repairs and replace components, you must disconnect and reconnect parts. If the technician doesn’t make perfect connections at every power source, loose connections can occur.

You can’t always see loose terminal connections, but they eventually start to arc, as a spark jumps from the wire to the terminal. Arcs form pits over time, and these pits can cause overheating or break connections. Loose connections can cause a lot of needless downtimes.

power cable manufacturers work with their customers to create custom control panels. All the components, terminals, and connections are specifically designed for your machines and systems. Trained engineers know about potential problem areas and create failsafe measures to prevent issues like loose wire connections.


What happens when you add another conveyor system or more machines? You have to add on to your control panel, and it may not be large enough. Instead of creating subpanels, power cable manufacturers give you the perfect panels for your facility. They make sure your new custom panel has features for future expansion, so that you won’t experience control circuit issues again.

Poor Design

Not all control panels are the same, and generic panels are not made to fit all situations. Poor design may cause contactors, relays, or motor starters to overheat, and this problem can only be fixed by installing a control panel made for your circuitry. By going with a custom control panel, you have a perfect fit for your components.

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