Family Lawyers in Houston, TX Help Clients with Custody Petitions During Divorce

Family lawyers in Houston, TX, provide effective legal representation for one spouse during a divorce. The firm strives to make sure this person is treated fairly when it comes to aspects such as finances, child custody, and visitation. They want their clients to understand how easy it can be to sabotage a petition for full custody through careless behavior. Especially when a divorce is contentious and that divorce is not yet final, the law firm’s client needs to behave in ways that will support the petition.

Three Behaviors to Avoid

Excessive Drinking and Partying

Partying at local drinking establishments gives the other spouse ammunition to portray the firm’s client as irresponsible or an alcoholic. Even if the drinking is at home, the kids are likely to notice evidence of this behavior when they are there. Even if they are very young, they still may pick up on signs of a parent’s intoxication. They may notice an abnormal number of empty alcohol containers in the recycling bin. They also may feel inclined to tell their other parent about these disturbing matters.

Intimate Relationships

It can be very tempting to start a new relationship while in the midst of divorce proceedings. That’s asking for trouble, however. If the other spouse finds out, the person having this new relationship may be portrayed as someone with low moral standards who disregards the needs of the children.

Sneaking around is inadvisable. A determined soon-to-be-ex may decide to hire a private investigator, or have his or her own lawyer do so.

Confrontations with the ex

Loud arguments and physical confrontations with the other spouse after separation may be observed by neighbors or other individuals. Those people might be called upon to testify in court. It’s best to avoid these situations altogether and let the attorneys handle all communication during a volatile divorce.

Family Attorneys can Help

Family lawyers in Houston, TX, provide counsel to clients who want to have custody of the children but aren’t sure what behaviors could disrupt this intent. A firm such as the Parchman Law Group builds a solid case with reasons why this particular parent should have full custody. Those reasons might include a history of this parent spending more time with the youngsters and being more devoted to their care.

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