Relying on the Advice of a Bankruptcy Lawyer in Glendale, AZ

People who find themselves unable to honor their debts find it hard to know what to do next. The stress of attempting to deal with the debt can cloud judgment and make it hard to think objectively, and this is why relying on the advice of a bankruptcy lawyer in Glendale, AZ is so important. Here are some examples of what the lawyer will do on behalf of the client.

Assessing the Financial Condition of the Client

Before offering any type of advice, the bankruptcy lawyer in Glendale, AZ will want to conduct a thorough investigation of the financial condition of the client, which will go beyond simply reviewing the types and amount of debt the client owes. Factors such as the amount of monthly income the client generates, whether any debts are currently in arrears, among others will come into play.

This type of evaluation is necessary because the attorney wants to be in a position to provide the best possible solution for the client. In some cases, bankruptcy may not be the only possible approach; the circumstances may allow the client to enter some sort of debt resolution program and be able to eventually pay off all the debt. When these alternatives are not feasible, the lawyer can focus more on the possibility of filing a chapter 7 or chapter 13 bankruptcy action.

Settling on the Course of Action

If bankruptcy is in the best interests of the client, the lawyer can determine if one or both types of personal bankruptcy are possible. Not everyone understands that the court sets specific criteria the client must meet to be eligible for either form of bankruptcy protection; however, assuming the client does qualify for both types of bankruptcy, the lawyer can discuss the pros and cons associated with each approach. Listening closely to the recommendation of the lawyer will go a long way in giving the client a chance for the fresh financial start that is desired.

For anyone facing severe financial issues, Click Here and arrange to speak with Asheton B Call as soon as possible. No matter how bleak things may look today, the help of a lawyer will make it possible to get things back on track and have the chance to move on to better days.

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