Frequently Required Procedures For Dogs Performed At A Veterinary Hospital In Bowie

Dogs need regular veterinary care to stay healthy, and there are various types of services that a veterinarian can do to ensure the health of your pet. Below you’ll learn about the different types of care that’re regularly needed for your dog by an experienced veterinarian at a Veterinary Hospital in Bowie.

Physical Examinations

A yearly physical examination is important for dogs of every age. Since puppies have a fragile immune system, a regular physical exam can help them to stay healthy while they’re young. A veterinarian examines mature dogs to make sure they’re at a healthy weight and to check for any onset of illnesses. Senior dogs should also be examined every year as they can begin to have painful arthritic joints, hearing issues and diabetes. When pets aren’t feeling well, it’s important to take them to the vet as soon as possible, even if it’s not the time for their yearly exam.

Tests and Vaccinations

Puppies should get their initial puppy vaccinations when they are about 6 weeks old. These vaccinations protect puppies from contracting various illnesses and diseases including parvovirus and distemper. Puppies will continue to get regular vaccinations until they are one-year-old. Mature dogs and senior dogs should also receive yearly vaccinations to protect them from contracting contagious diseases. Puppies and dogs should also have regular tests to check for the presence of heartworms. If not treated in the early stages, heartworms can cause a dog to be very sick.

Dental Care

In addition to regular medical care, dogs also need frequent dental care. Plaque builds up on a dog’s teeth, and it can cause the gums to become irritated and inflamed. Dogs can also have a loose tooth, and if it isn’t extracted, it could become infected. Veterinarians at a Veterinary Hospital in Bowie recommend that dogs have a routine dental exam and cleaning once a year. Dogs that have tooth problems may need to have more frequent dental exams.

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