Give Your Party A Special Touch with a Ice Luge in Long Island NY

Planning the perfect event, party or corporate function? Do you want to give your wedding that extra special touch? Look into an ice luge in Long Island, NY to give your guests an extra special memory. Luges can be a simple block with a channel carved into it or a more detailed sculpture geared towards your celebration or event. Imagine celebrating a 25th anniversary with a luge in the shape of the number 25. Maybe you would rather have a sculpture to celebrate an important or special memory. In addition to a luge you will want to ensure that you have enough ice on hand to keep your drinks and/or food at that perfect temperature. Retail establishments that use ice in their daily business also need a reliable and trusted source of ice to maintain fresh and full stock.

Ice has come a long way since it was cut from rivers or ponds and stored under sawdust in wooden ice houses. In 2009, the FDA recognized ice as a food and set standards to its creation and storage in place. A quality supplier, such as Long Island Ice and Fuel, will follow strict quality control methods to insure Packaged Ice Quality Control Standards are maintained at every stage from production through delivery. Beyond luges and sculptures, you can buy ice in block, crushed, cubed, and dry forms. If you are a retailer needing ice for your store or restaurant, you will want to find an experienced company who can also help you with freezers to store or display ice at your location. the products that best suit your needs.

A manufacturing facility should be inspected on an annual basis by organizations that insure standards and regulations are being met and/or exceeded. A truly qualified manufacturer will welcome you to tour their facility and see for yourself how standards are kept. Whether you are looking for Ice Luge in Long Island NY, a block of ice to sculpt, have refrigeration needs, or simply need a supply of ice cubes you will want to know that the company you choose produces high quality ice and maintains superior customer service.

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