Hiring a Fencing Company to Construct a Snake-Proof Fence

If a residential property owner is determined to keep snakes out of the yard, a Fencing Company can install a solid wood or vinyl fence to accomplish this goal. Depending where the home is located, the yard may be plagued with unwanted critters, and the homeowners may be particularly worried if their children or pets play in the yard. Installing the fence on top of a brick or concrete foundation is even more effective at blocking snakes and other wildlife the homeowners may be worried about.

To block snakes, a Fencing Company will install a fence that is at least flush with the ground. If there is no hardscape surface at the bottom of the fence, the wood or vinyl should extend somewhat below the ground surface. A company such as Jenks Fence also can add metal mesh at the bottom of the fence to be buried instead of the fencing material. That also is effective at keeping out snakes, as well as chipmunks that might be tempted to dig underneath.

The structure must completely surround the yard. It will be difficult to have a gate that is freely movable and still tight to the ground. People may only be able to get to this part of the property from a door in the house or garage.

In regard to other wildlife, animals are generally not motivated to dug underneath unless there is something to attract them. Chipmunks may dig under a fence and mice may find a way through it if there is a bird feeder in the yard. Squirrels and raccoons, of course, can climb trees and get into the yard that way. Squirrels look for nuts from trees and seed from bird feeders; raccoons will come after compost. It can be difficult to entirely wildlife-proof a yard, but keeping snakes out is possible with the right fence.

Solid fencing around the backyard has other benefits. It can be very attractive, reduce noise and provide privacy. It stops kids and dogs from spontaneously running out of the yard. A residential fence also increases property value due to all the advantages it offers. You can also follow them on Twitter.

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