The Importance Of Having A Drug Possession Defense Lawyer For Representation In New Jersey

A drug possession defense lawyer in New Jersey proves essential for someone charged with this crime in order to remain free and prevent the worst consequences. Numerous aspects related to the individual’s personal life can take a very negative turn if they are convicted of possession, especially if the charge is a serious crime such as possession with intent to sell. That type of charge may be based on the quantity of illegal substances found in the person’s possession.

An attorney like Bonnie D. Putterman uses strategies such as determining whether the search conducted by law enforcement was legal and valid. The lawyer will want to learn whether the person was read their Miranda rights at the moment of arrest and brought in for questioning. If possible, the attorney will file a motion to suppress evidence or have the charges dropped due to an illegal procedure or insufficient evidence. These tactics may even lead to a judge dismissing the case, so the person will go free with no criminal conviction on their record.

However, this individual will have tough decisions to make if the evidence against them is strong. A drug possession defense lawyer may be able to work out a plea bargain for a lesser penalty or reduced charges if the client pleads guilty. Going to trial and pleading not guilty is another option. No matter what the situation, working for a better outcome is essential. New Jersey has strict minimum sentencing laws for various drug possession crimes, and those sentences do not allow parole. Judges are also allowed to impose much harsher sentences as they see fit. Nevertheless, the state also has a conditional release program for some first offenses, allowing the person to be released on probation instead of going to trial.

If the outcome of the sentencing is bad, the individual faces additional serious issues such as permanently losing custody or losing unsupervised visitation of children for a lengthy time frame. There will likely be a negative impact on their career too. Anyone dealing with this type of situation may want to visit the website to arrange a free case evaluation. You can also follow them on Twitter for more updates.

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