How Do People Make Use of In-Home Nursing Care in Washington, DC?

From time to time, people will need some type of in-home nursing care in Washington, DC. The circumstances surrounding that need can vary, along with the nature of the care that is required. Here are some examples when securing this type of at home care will come in very handy.

Recovering from Illness or Surgery

One of the more common reasons to seek in-home nursing care in Washington, DC, is for support during a recovery period. Whether the recovery has to do with getting past the damage done in an accident or recuperating after surgery, the patient will need some help. Rather than remain in the hospital, the doctor may decide that the patient will actually heal faster at home, provided the right type of support is on hand. In this scenario, the care may be in the form of a live-in nurse who remains with the patient for a few weeks, or even someone who spends a few hours each day seeing to the needs of the patient.

Ongoing Home Care

For others, the need for in-home nursing care is ongoing. This is true for people who no longer have the capacity to do certain things for themselves. Patients who suffer with conditions that impair mobility or create some amount of mental confusion may need help with basic tasks like hygiene, eating, and even remembering to take medication on time. When this is the case, having a dedicated nurse on hand to see to those needs makes it possible to keep living at home rather than having to go to some sort of assisted living facility.

Whether the need is for short term care during a recover period or ongoing help that will continue for the rest of the patient’s life, the team at Specialty Care Services can provide the level of care and support required. Take the time to learn more about the range of support services they offer, and how they can make life as comfortable as possible. Choosing this option will certainly make it easier to deal with tasks that are currently beyond the ability of the patient to manage without some sort of help.

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