Ideas for What to Put on Your Outside Lamp Post Signs

Now that you’ve purchased some outside lamp post signs, you’re probably wondering what to write on them. Lamp post signs give business owners the opportunity to communicate messages to potential customers. They also help educate and inform potential customers. Here are some ideas for what you can put on your outside lamp post signs.

The Name of Your Business
Use your outdoor lamp post signs to display your business name. This is especially helpful if potential customers approach you business from an angle that blocks your main business sign. Eliminate the need for customers to guess the name of your business by using several signs in several different areas.

Your Business’ Address and Phone Number
Ever pass by a business, and want to jot down its contact info only to discover it’s not there? Placing this information on your outdoor lamp post will conveniently position it so that people passing by can easily jot down your information or take a picture of it. This saves customers the hassle of having to research your company’s contact information. Furthermore, if time permits, they can contact you right on the spot.

Speak Life
Adorn your outside lamp post with signs that instill hope and confidence in your customers. These messages can vary depending on the mission of your business. You can make potential customers feel comfortable at your business by writing welcome on your signs. You can write a message that shows appreciation such as, “We value our customers.” If you have a natural health business, you might write something like, “We care about your health.” If you have a financial institution such as a bank, you might write something like, “We make banking easy.”

Display Your Services
Use your signs to make people aware of how you can assist them. These signs will attract people who are in need of those services. Some companies offer free services as a courtesy to their customers and also as a way to get new customers. If you offer free services, be sure to list them as well. An announcement about free services will definitely attract people who are in need of what you have to offer.

A Picture
The old adage, “A picture is worth a thousand words” holds true. If you decide to put a picture on your outside lamp post, think about the mission behind your business. What picture would represent your business well? What picture would your customers connect with most? What picture would communicate what you hope to convey to your customers?

There are several things you can write on your outdoor lamp post signs. As you continue to ponder about what you should put on them, think of your customers and what message you would like to send to them. Decorative outdoor lamp post and unique bulbs by Brandon Industries make your neighborhood or downtown district a unique, fascinating place for everyone to enjoy.


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