Plan a Beautiful Wedding in St. Lucia

When it comes to providing some of the lushest greenery for wedding scenery, there is no better place than St. Lucia. Double peaks rise above 2,000 feet over sea level and have impressed visitors and sailors over five centuries. The interior mountains are plush with forests that cover the landscaping including banana plantations. Fishing villages are all around the island and have not changed over the years. Simply put, the landscaping is beautiful and nearly impossible to duplicate elsewhere. You can enjoy the beautiful island of St. Lucia and plan your wedding there with the assistance of a professional wedding planner.

Plan Your St. Lucia Wedding Any Time of the Day or Night

There are many different places where you can have a beautiful wedding in St. Lucia. Depending on the exact location you can enjoy black shiny beaches or golden beaches that can both host gorgeous weddings. When you speak with your wedding coordinator about a St. Lucia wedding inquire about the many different beaches that could be the perfect backdrop for your dream wedding.

Reach St. Lucia by Plane

You can easily reach St. Lucia via airplane. There are two airports located on the Caribbean island that accommodate regularly scheduled flights. Your wedding coordinator will be able to select the airport that is best for you and closer to your wedding destination. Flight arrangements can also be handled by a wedding coordinator if you choose. Overall letting a Professional Wedding Coordinator handle your trip arrangements is a great idea since they have a lot of experience dealing with airlines.

Wedding Plans and Sites to See in St. Lucia

There are many sites to see in St. Lucia such as the only volcano in the world that can be driven in. You could also visit Pigeon Island National Park, and many of the public beaches and gardens. When planning your wedding make sure to mention that you would like to see these attractions and your wedding planner can also schedule a tour for you. When you arrive for your wedding, you can be treated to a mineral and volcanic mud bath to ease the stresses of traveling. There are many natural spa services that are available too. In fact when you work closely with your wedding coordinator, they can help you plan every part of your trip from the time you land, your wedding and all activities associated with it until your depature.

Dreamy Weddings has been helping couples plan St. Lucia weddings for many years. Contact them to learn more about their wedding planning services that can assist you in creating your dream wedding today.

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