How to Pack and Prepare For Leaving a Pet at a Dog Boarding Kennel in Marysville

Moving, going on vacation and taking a business trip all have one thing in common. For pet owners, it means finding someone to care for their dog while they are busy or away from home. Some people are lucky enough to have friends or family that take the pet in or a trusted pet sitter that will come to their home. Everyone else must rely on a kennel. This is not a bad situation because many quality kennels exist around the country. However, there are still some things the owner must do to make the experience for their pet as pleasant as possible.

Do Some Research

Finding a reliable Dog Boarding Kennel in Marysville means spending a little time checking into what is available. Look for online reviews, get recommendations from other pet owners and visit the facility. Check the businesses to make certain they are clean, well-staffed and provide each guest with plenty of attention.

Plan in Advance

Many kennels are booked weeks in advance and may not have an opening for clients that call at the last minute. This is even more important when the pet needs a spot during the busy holiday season. Contact the kennel to ask how far in advance they prefer to schedule their guests.

Visit the Vet

Reputable kennels require all pets to be vaccinated before they can stay at their facility. Consider any Dog Boarding Kennel in Marysville that does not enforce this rule to be unsafe. The kennel will provide a list of what is necessary, but most require bordetella, rabies and distemper vaccinations. Bring documentation when dropping off the pet or they may not allow them to stay.

Pack Their Bags

Many kennels like the Canine Country Club And Cattery Inc allow pets to have their own beds, blankets, and toys from home. These personal items help to calm the animal and make them feel more secure. In addition, owners should include an emergency contact list that has the best number to reach them. Also important is contact information for a friend or family member that is local and the number of the animal clinic the pet usually visits.

Leaving a pet behind for a day or longer is hard for many owners. Knowing they are safe, happy and in a loving environment makes the situation much easier for the owner and the pet. This is possible with a little research and advance preparation.

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