Find The Perfect USPS Software Solution For Your Business

Companies everywhere send out thousands of pieces of mail each year. It makes sense to help out the USPS as much as you can by using a software solution that will help sort, code and more. You may also receive discounts for doing so, but you’ll also find that more mail reaches its intended recipient, meaning potentially more sales and happier customers.

Presort Options

When you presort your mail, you help the USPS because everything is already done for them. It can sort the mail into appropriate levels, such as First-Class, Standard, and Package. Likewise, it can provide enhanced line-of-travel, three and five digit presort, and carrier routes. Many times, this USPS software solution will maximize your discounts and be easy to use.

IMb Options

Have you ever received mail with all those little lines at the bottom? Most people don’t even notice all those tiny lines, but they are an intelligent mail barcode that tells the sorting machine where the piece of mail is going and who will take it to them. Likewise, with some products, you can manage and print reports, manage your database, use multiple mailing IDs and so much more.


The National Change of Address (NCOA) is a helpful tool that can be purchased and used by businesses everywhere. The United States Postal Service now requires that companies perform a Move Update process every 95 days for Standard and First-Class mail. While it may seem difficult, the software available makes it straightforward and easy to do because it searches their database and ensures that all of your listings are updated with the most current addresses.

Address Validation

Using CASS will ensure that the ZIP+4 codes are correct, meaning you can receive certain discounts. Likewise, it can validate or verify an address to make sure that it is real and can have mail delivered to it.

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