Mastectomy Sports Bras Let You Perform Your Favorite Activities With Ease

Playing sports, exercising or both are important parts of many women’s lives. Doing these activities helps you to stay in shape, while also having fun and enjoying other health benefits.

Wearing a sports bra while engaging in a physical activity is something that most women do. Sports bras are usually wire-free and very comfortable to wear, because they are designed to prevent irritation and chafing. They also offer firm support to the breasts, which helps you to move around more freely without being slowed down or feeling embarrassed. The fabric of a sports bra is usually moisture wicking, to help keep you cool and dry.

For most women, after they have undergone mastectomy to get rid of breast cancer, they would prefer to get back to performing their favorite sports or workout routine or maybe begin doing a physical activity for the first time, to try something new. Whatever the case, wearing a sports bra is still a good idea and if you have had only one breast removed, then it is absolutely essential to wear mastectomy sports bras.

Why Is It Important To Wear Mastectomy Sports Bras?

When a woman has to undergo a mastectomy, one or both breasts are completely or partially surgically removed, to stop the growth of cancer. Whatever type of mastectomy you undergo, there will still be many adjustments to be made.

If you have had only one breast removed, then there will be an unequal weight distribution in your body, which can cause a lot of physical discomfort. Women who have undergone a mastectomy often use artificial breast forms to bring their appearance and figure back to what it used to be.
A mastectomy sports bra is as comfortable and efficient as a regular sports bra, but it also contains pockets to securely hold a breast form in place.

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