Is Your Water Safe? Find Out with Water Analysis in Ocala FL

Water is critical for life. Without water, a human will die. In extreme conditions, the body will dehydrate and perish within a few hours. For optimal hydration and health, most doctors recommend drinking a half-gallon of water per day. Many people drink from faucets without a second thought, but is the water they are drinking safe? Most people would be hesitant to drink water that is discolored or has an odor; however, water that appears clean and pure may actually be contaminated. Water containing arsenic, lead, bacteria, and many other contaminants will have no odor or flavor to deter a person from drinking it. Water analysis in Ocala FL is the only sure way to know if a water source is safe.

If a home gets its water from a community source, you can be assured that the water meets safety standards when it leaves the facility. The same water may not necessarily arrive at the faucet in the original condition. Homes built prior to 1986 may have lead pipes, brass fittings, or lead soldering which increase the risk for lead poisoning. Drinking lead contaminated water can hurt the body causing kidney damage and mental disabilities.

It is also important to test water that comes from a well. Contamination can result from manufacturing, sewer overflow, use of pesticides, or from naturally occurring chemicals. Contamination can occur miles from the well. Contaminants will seep into the ground and be transported to other water sites through underground aquifers. Owners should test their well water annually as even previously clean water can become unsafe.

It is particularly important for babies and woman who are either pregnant or breastfeeding to have a clean a water source. Babies and pregnant women are more susceptible to the effects of contaminated water. Most contaminated water will make an individual sick immediately after drinking it. Gastrointestinal symptoms such as nausea, cramping, vomiting, and diarrhea may be due to drinking water that has been contaminated with a bacteria or virus. Other contaminants will cause long term damage that may result in thyroid disease or cancer.

Drinking the right amount of clean water each day will help keep an individual healthy. It is important to make sure that each water source is clean to avoid the illnesses that can be cause by drinking tainted water. For more information on Water Analysis in Ocala FL, browse our website.

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