Workers Compensation Lawyers in Luzerne County, PA and What to Do When a Third Party is Involved

Workplace injuries can be a difficult and life-changing occurrence. It does not matter if the employee was at fault when the injury occurred. All working individuals are entitled to workers compensation after being hurt on duty. Workers compensation allows the injured to continue receiving income, provide financial coverage for medical bills, and supply disability pay. This is adequate enough for some cases, but others may need to be taken a step further. Some work-related injuries involve a third party. The outside party had a product or person that caused the injury. A personal injury lawsuit is valid in these situations. Defensible personal injury lawsuits include negligent co-workers, harm from toxic chemicals, and defective products used on the job.

Workers Compensation Lawyers in Luzerne County PA can provide aid in obtaining fully covered benefits for workers compensation. Employers are known to cheat their employees out of indispensable facets of workers compensation benefits. The services of a Workers Compensation Lawyers in Luzerne County PA should be utilized to file a work injury claim. Surviving family members of a worker who died from injuries are entitled to a wrongful death settlement. Legal action for personal injury or wrongful death needs a lawyer to supply the case with knowledge and prowess.

After any job-related injury, a medical exam should be given right away. The employer may have a list of doctors generated from the workers compensation insurance plan. It is not advised to choose a doctor from that source because they are getting paid to make medical reports that are in the best interest of the insurance company.

The injury should be brought to the employer’s attention right away so the workers compensation process can begin as soon as possible. There is a statute of limitation for workers compensation, which is thirty days for most. All medical expenses should be kept on record so the insurance company has a clear understanding of their financial weight. A detailed description of the injury and how it happened provide a great deal of help when a personal injury lawsuit is filed. Contact The Law Office of Robert D. Elias to schedule a consultation.

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