Items to Have Checked On the Roof Prior to the Commercial Air Conditioning Unit Installation in McLean, VA

Commercial air conditioning systems are vastly different than residential home operations. Not only are they bigger and have to cool more space, but they also tend to be put in different locations. One of the preferred locations is on the roof. The roof is desired because it can improve the appearance of the building. These are some of the ways to ensure that the roof is ready for the installation.

One of the things to consider with a commercial air conditioning unit installation in McLean VA on the roof is having the structure inspected. If the roof has never supported this heavy unit, it needs to be evaluated for structural support. Additional supports will need to be added to support the weight of the unit. This construction needs to be setup prior to the installation. The waterproofing system employed for the roof will also need to be reconfigured after installation to ensure that it is watertight.

Another thing to consider with a commercial air conditioning unit is the increased electrical load on the system. While most commercial buildings are designed to carry heavy electrical loads, the unit must be placed on its own individual breaker. This way it can be isolated from other systems for maintenance. If the building is already at maximum capacity with other demands, the entire system will have to be reevaluated and upgraded for this item. In addition, extra lines will have to be run through the roof for access to that power.

Once the roofing structure and power are evaluated, the next step is to ensure that the ducting is in operational order and running to the appropriate areas. If the old air conditioning system was originally in the basement or on the ground outside, the ducting would have to be reconfigured. The return air system will have to be adapted to the new height of the unit.
Some commercial air conditioning units are placed on the roof to save space inside the building and help beautify the outside of it. If the new system is going up, the roof support system, the electrical system and ducting will also have to be adapted. Visit us for more information about the installation process.

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