Keeping a Healthy Home by Scheduling Mold Remediation in CT

The experience of moving into a new home is exciting, but the thrill is dampened quickly when people in the home begin to suffer from unusual physical symptoms. This includes respiratory problems, headaches, allergic reactions and many other seemingly random ailments. It is not the storyline for a TV movie about a possessed house, but a real-life concern that has happened to many people around the country.

Companies that offer mold remediation in CT are frequently contacted by new homeowners who request an inspection of their homes. When the result is positive and mold is discovered, it can be a mixed blessing for the homeowners. The good news is that once the mold is removed the family will usually have their original good health restored. The bad news is that the cost of the remediation may not be covered by a homeowner’s policy. This is why many experts are now suggesting that every prospective home buyer insist on this type of inspection prior to purchasing a home.

It is not uncommon for homeowners to not discuss past plumbing leaks or floods caused by damaged appliances or overflowing bathtubs when they are ready to sell. They will often clean up the mess on their own, repair any damage and feel the issue is resolved. However, mold is often discovered inside walls and under flooring. It can reemerge through painted surfaces over time and grow again after it has bleached off of bathroom walls or from the grout between tiles. An inspection from a professional service will determine if any mold spores are in the home and pinpoint where they are located. By requesting mold remediation in CT the buyer will have the assurance that the home they are interested in will be a healthy environment for their family.

Remediation is often needed after floods and fires have occurred or after a hoarder has moved away from a residence. In some instances, the services are covered by a homeowner’s policy. Always check with the insurer to determine if it is available. Visit us to learn more about how remediation is performed and how to schedule an inspection or to get the cleaning assistance that is needed.

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