Local Moving Companies in Knoxville – Licensing, Insurance, and Reputation Considerations

by | Jan 4, 2016 | Moving and Storage

It can be time-consuming to find the right moving company, but it is worth it. With research comes the knowledge that leads to an informed decision about choosing the right local moving company. With the various local moving companies, Knoxville has to offer, following a few basic tips can help in guiding you in your search.

Licensing Requirements
All local moving companies are required by law to be licensed by the state or federal agencies. Having a license means the company has met the requirements for operating a moving company and is compliant with all local licensing authorities and regulations. When checking out movers, ask them for their license from the Department of Transportation as well as their Motor Carrier license – and then go online to verify this information.

Although damage to one’s belongings and possessions is not likely when using reputable local moving companies, it can still happen, and it is important to know how they can be protected. The law also requires that moving companies assume liability for the value of the goods they carry. Two types of liability insurance coverage are offered, and these need to be reviewed to determine the most suitable one.

With full value protection, the moving company is responsible for any item over $100 per pound that are lost, destroyed or damaged while they are transporting it. With damaged items, the moving company can pay to have it fixed, or replace it themselves. For lost items, the moving company can pay to have the item replaced or replace the item with something equivalent in value.

There is no cost for an alternative level of liability insurance but it offers minimal protection. The moving company assumes responsibility for at most 60 cents per pound per item. Claims for damage or loss are settled based on the pound weight of the article multiplied by 60 cents. For example, if a 20-pound computer system valued at $2000 were destroyed or lost, the mover would be liable for no more than $12.00 (20 pounds times 60 cents).

The reputation of a moving company is also important. This type of information can be found by conducting online searches for reviews and testimonials. The Better Business Bureau can also be checked for consumer feedback regarding how moving companies handle consumer complaints.

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