Puppy Grooming in Alexandria VA Tips: Getting Used to Nail Clippers

Dogs usually do not like having their paws or toes handled. This can make things very difficult when it comes time to clip your puppy’s claws. Here are tips from Forthuntanimalhospital.com on getting your puppy used to claw clipping.

Never Too Early to Start

Puppies are never too young to start learning how to accept grooming and claw clipping. Even if you have an older puppy, do not despair. Dogs of all ages can learn to accept claw clipping.

Give Regular Walks

Your puppy needs regular exercise for a variety of reasons but it also helps limit claw growth if you walk your puppy on hard surfaces like pavement. Do not walk your puppy on pavement or surfaces too hot for you to place your hand on. Puppy paw pads are tender and need to toughen up as your puppy ages.

Wait Until Puppy Is Tired

A tired puppy is a good puppy in that he or she is more accepting of new situations when sleepy. Keep training sessions with clippers short. You do not have to clip all of your puppy’s claws at once. Break sessions into short few minute sessions each night or whenever the puppy is tired. If you do not have clippers yet, just cup a paw in the palm of your hand.

Get a Special Treat

Make claw clipping time a special time by giving a special kind of chewy treat only during nail care sessions. A chewy, long-lasting treat is best since it will distract your puppy long enough for you to clip a claw or a whole paw. Do not forget the dewclaws. If you are not sure what treats to use in your Puppy Grooming in Alexandria VA session, ask your veterinarian for recommendations.

If Necessary, Use a Muzzle

Puppies that are afraid of the clippers will bite. They are just trying to defend themselves. Use a muzzle before clipping claws and give that special treat after the Puppy Grooming in Alexandria VA session. Some puppies respond better to toys than to food. Let your vet or pet groomer know beforehand if your puppy has had a history of biting when getting his or her claws clipped. You can also visit them on Facebook for more information.

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