Questions to Ask at the Bicycle Store in Temecula

Choosing a bicycle can sometimes be a difficult task. Bicycles are usually used for one of three purposes: transportation, exercise, or recreation. Obviously, many different kinds of bicycles can fall into multiple categories. A road bike might be great for all three, for example. However, the slimmer tires on a road cycle will make it less appropriate for areas that have rougher streets. Alternately, a mountain bike might work for all of those purposes, but they are not the best for transportation. You should ask questions at a local bicycle store to determine your best options.


If you are trying to get to and from work on your bicycle, you should look for one that is reliable and easy to ride. It should have several gears so that you can tackle the different terrain. For transportation purposes, you will most likely want a road bike, but a bicycle store in Temecula can offer you more insights. Road bikes are known for their low handlebars and skinny tires. These features make them perfect for riding on the road but not great for rough terrain. A place such as Alan’s Bike Shop can instruct your further.


If you are trying to find a bicycle store that will sell you a recreational bike, you should be sure to specify what sort of recreation you will be doing. A mountain bike will allow you to tackle off-road terrain, but you have to be specific about what sort of mountain you plan to ride on. Different bicycle configurations are more appropriate for different terrains.


Just about every bicycle is going to offer you a chance to exercise. Riding to work and riding for recreation are both forms of exercise. You should talk with the employees at the store about how you plan to exercise. If you are going to be far away from your home, you might need a bicycle that will allow you to carry more items. If you are going to load it into a vehicle, you might need a smaller bicycle. There are many such factors you should consider with the help of professionals.

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