Where Should I Buy Hand Dryers for My Bathrooms?

If you’re considering installing hand dryers in your restrooms, you’ve made a very wise financial decision. Hand dryers cost far less money to operate than you’re currently spending on paper towels, and keep your restroom looking neater and cleaner with less effort. When it’s time to buy hand dryers for bathrooms at your business, it does matter where you buy. Here are some tips to help you buy smart.

  • Choose a reputable dealer. Using a dealer that specializes in selling hand dryers to businesses will be well worth your time. A dealer will offer many different models to choose from and can help you select the right hand dryers for your location.
  • Know how much you’re currently spending. Before you meet with your dealer to buy hand dryers, it’s a good idea to know how much you currently spend on paper towels each year. With this number, your dealer can show you how quickly you’ll recoup your investment in dryers and how much money you’ll save each year by making the switch.
  • Have a budget. There will be some upfront cost in installing the dryers. If you know how much you can spend to get started, your dealer can help you choose dryers you can afford, and may be able to offer payment options that allow you to buy more efficient dryers than you originally thought. Buying the most efficient dryers you can afford will help you save even more money over the long run.

When you partner with the right hand dryer dealer, you can buy hand dryers for bathrooms at your business with confidence. Your dealer will help ensure that you’ve chosen the right hand dryers to operate your business efficiently, save money, and keep a sparkling clean restroom.

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