Residential Septic Maintenance Services in River Falls WI

The way we dispose of sewage these days is designed to keep us safe and avoid exposing anyone to toxic substances. Septic systems are meant to hold sewage in a safe area until the system can be serviced by a qualified professional. The way septic system work is by collecting waste from a household and holding it in a tank where solid waste is decomposed until is becomes liquid. Over time the system fills and needs to be emptied to avoid overflow. When the system becomes over filled it can pour out into a home’s yard. This could contaminate the entire yard with harmful waste that can cause many different health problems. Children that play in the yard could become very ill and need medical treatment.

With regular septic maintenance services in River Falls WI, homeowners can avoid nasty surprises like a pool of sewage in their yard. Septic systems usually require only minimal care in order to operate properly. Additives can be put into the tank to assist in decomposition but it’s important to check with a local service provider before adding them. Some additives can actually harm the tank rather than helping. In most cases, the best course of action is to call a local service provider for help. Service providers usually only need to visit every three to five years. Other than these visits there shouldn’t be a need for help unless there is a problem with the system. If there are any septic issues appearing more often than every three years it might be a good idea to have the system checked throughout.

Service providers are usually happy to schedule visits well ahead of time. That way the homeowner can simply set everything up and forget about it until it’s time to pay the bill. Homeowners can look online for local service provider. Most often a link that reads browse our website will help provide any information needed to determine is a visit will be needed any time soon. If there are any questions about how to care for a septic system other than having the tank pumped they should be directed at a qualified service provider.

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