The Top Three Things A Technician Will Evaluate During Lift Station Service

Homes and other structures that are built on elevated land will often present several challenges, especially when installing the main sewage lines that direct any waste water into a septic tank or city sewage system. One of the ways many contractors overcome these challenges is to install a septic lift station, which is designed to pump sewage from lower to higher elevations. Regular Lift Station Service can help keep these components operational and prevent a system from backing up and leaving a building unsafe.

Pump System

The heart of any lift station is the pump that moves the water from an underground wet well to the central sewage system. A technician will inspect the pump and make sure that it is operating safely and reliably, and can clean out the pump components which will extend the life of the device. Pump malfunctions are one of the biggest causes of septic issues, and regular service will keep it operational and prevent expensive repairs in the future.

Grinding Equipment

Many lifts use a grinding system that is designed to chop up any large debris so that it can more easily pass through the pump and the line that runs to the central sewage system. If the grinder stops working it can lead to clogs, and in some cases can cause the pump to burn out due to overworking. Be sure to have a septic grinder inspected during Lift Station Service so that any possible problems can be avoided.

Alarm and Control Panel

Septic lift stations will include a primary control panel and an alarm. These allow the septic pump to be operated manually and act as an alert system if the system malfunctions. If these items stop working it will likely lead to a complete system failure and can prevent the owner of a structure from being alerted to possible problems that could lead to a total septic system failure.

Proper maintenance can keep sewage lift systems operational. The team at Texas Pride Septic offers service on a wide array of septic and sewage systems, including lift equipment. Visit to learn more about the services they provide and take the first step in tackling sewage issues once and for all. You can like their Facebook page for more information.

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