Eliminate Sewer Blockages Like Clogs and Roots Using Hydro Jetting Services

A clog in the sewer lines can be a serious problem and one reason for this is the fact that certain types of clogs are tough to remove. One example is the buildup of minerals, grease and various detergents or soaps. This type of clog can stick to the pipe walls and after a bit of time it will harden in place.


This presents all sorts of issues because a large enough blockage can stop the sewer from flowing and may be impossible to completely rooter away. In many cases, attempting to eliminate the blockage with a rooter will simply push away any soft waste while leaving the real blockage intact. The solution is Hydro Jetting Services which use highly pressurized water to knock any accumulated gunk off the pipe walls. Hydro jetting, also known as hydro-scrubbing or water-jetting is a simple procedure that uses water to remove clogs and gunk buildup. However, superior jetting services use special equipment to deliver the liquid.


For instance, the water is often carried on the vacuum truck that cleans septic systems and pressurized before delivery. This way the contractor can ensure the input and output lines are thoroughly cleaned. Hydro jetting may be required when a septic system overflows and fills all leach lines with waste material. Blocked leach lines prevent the release of the effluent into the soil and this stops the system from functioning. Proper Hydro Jetting Services makes use of extreme water pressures, typically up to 3500 psi.


It is possible to reduce some clogs with lower pressures, but lower pressures will not provide a thorough cleaning of the pipe walls. Consider the previously mentioned blockage of minerals, soaps and grease. This kind of clog is hard to eliminate because it is dense and forms a tight bond against the pipe wall. High pressures, however, can make short work of the problem.


High pressures can also remove another issue that sewer lines have, that of tree or plant roots. Roots enter sewer lines through cracks, damaged areas or loose joints. Once any roots locate this rich source of nutrients, they quickly grow and spread. This results in a heavy root growth and a serious blockage problem. Luckily, high pressure hydro jetting can quickly remove most roots. Learn more about sewer line cleaning at Texasprideseptic.com.

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