Reviewing Factors With A Child Support Lawyer In Rochester, MN

In Minnesota, child support payments are paid to the custodial parent after a divorce. The couple could work together to choose a fair and reasonable value on their own. However, if they cannot reach an agreement, the judge determines the value based on specific factors. A Child Support Lawyer in Rochester MN prepares parents for the potential outcome of the cases.

The Annual Income of Each Parent

The annual income of each parent defines the basis for child support payments. Typically payments won’t exceed sixty percent of the noncustodial parent’s income. The standard percentage for the support payments starts with a rate of ten percent for the first child. The custodial parent receives about five percent for each additional child.

Ongoing Medical Care for the Child

Children that require ongoing medical care for permanent conditions accumulate high expenses. It is the responsibility of each parent to share the cost of the medical expenses. Typically, one parent provides health insurance for the child through a family plan. However, there are limitations for coverage, and the additional costs must be managed properly. The expenses are calculated into the child support payments.

The Cost of Tuition for College

Any child that remains in the custodial parent’s home and attends college is still the responsibility of both parents. The custodial parent can continue to receive child support payments for the child. The court may allow the noncustodial parent to pay a portion of tuition costs in lieu of child support.

Common Living Expenses for the Child

The living expenses for the child could also play a role in child support payments. Children that attend a private school may incur living expenses such as room and board. Tuition costs may include room and board. However, the court may adjust child support payments according to the necessary living expenses.

In Minnesota, child support payments are paid to the custodial parent directly or through the court. The judge’s determination during a child custody hearing define the exact value of the support payments. Parents who need help in these matters contact a Child Support Lawyer in Rochester MN or Visit the Site for more details now.

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