Staff Members at Funeral Homes in Puyallup Offer Compassionate Support After Unexpected Deaths

The staff members at Funeral Homes in Puyallup are accustomed to helping people deal with the practical matters after a loved one passes away unexpectedly. They also often provide compassionate emotional support as relatives need to express their emotions while trying to make decisions. An organization that guides people through all the necessary steps is especially appreciated when the death is unexpected and no plans have been made beforehand.

Most funeral homes offer to arrange the most common options of cemetery burial, cremation and mausoleum interment. Some Funeral Homes in Puyallup now publish obituaries on their website or elsewhere online. Online obituaries have been a welcome addition to funeral arrangements since they can reach a much larger audience than local newspapers historically have been able to do. In addition, some larger newspapers charge to publish any obituary longer than a simple death notice, and the fees get higher the longer the obit is. This is avoided with online publishing, as text length is not such an issue.

The death of a beloved relative or friend is extremely difficult at any time, but some times of the year can make people feel especially sad. Losing a mother just before Mother’s Day, for instance, forces the sons and daughters to face that holiday without her while they are still in the worst moments of grief. The late fall and early winter holiday season are a particularly tough time to lose family members. The bereaved individual has to deal with the cheerful demeanor of other people celebrating Thanksgiving, Christmas and the New Year while coping with a significant personal loss.

Unfortunately, statistics indicate that rates of unexpected deaths are a bit higher in November and December. It’s not entirely clear why, but there are more incidents of heart attacks at that time of year, according to Forbes magazine. In addition, the increased amount of highway travel, sometimes during bad weather, results in an increase in accident fatalities. Alcohol tends to be a factor in the higher accident rate. Funeral directors and other staff members of an organization such as Gaffney Funeral Home understand and offer their support throughout the process.

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