The Steps Involved in Slab Foundation Repair in Houston, TX

With the amount of rain that Houston, Texas gets on a yearly basis, it’s not surprising that people who have homes outfitted with slab foundations occasionally experience problems. However, as significant of an issue as this can be, Slab Foundation Repair in Houston TX doesn’t always have to be a complicated or expensive ordeal.

The first step is determining if the foundation is actually experiencing issues. Some of the telltale signs of a problematic foundation are things such as cracks in the ceiling, walls and floors. This is an indication that the house has begun to settle in an uneven fashion. Another sign of a potential foundation issue is interior doors that aren’t lined up with the door casings. While this could be a problem with the door hinges, if the door hinges are good, and the door opened and closed properly before, it may be a sign that the foundation has begun to shift.

Once an issue with the home’s foundation becomes apparent, then it may require professional Slab Foundation Repair in Houston TX. While there are a few different ways in which to repair the foundation, one of the most convenient and effective methods is foundation floating. By inspecting the home, foundation repair experts can determine what area of the foundation has begun to shift. Once this is been determined, the foundation repair company will access the affected area of the foundation and begin to pump a grout mixture underneath the foundation to float the foundation to a level position.

Once this is done, then things turn to the cause of the foundation issue. Many times it’s a result of water seeping into the soil underneath the slab. This is often caused not just by heavy rains, but by a gutter system or the grading of the property that doesn’t allow water to move away from the home. These issues will also need to be addressed in order to avoid future foundation problems.

Foundation issues can threaten the structural integrity of the home and make the home unsafe to occupy. That’s why, if you think your home may have foundation problems, and it’s showing all the signs of a potential issue, you’ll want a professional foundation repair company, to come to your home as soon as possible. If you have more questions you can click here to find more information.

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