Three Commonly Used Hydraulic Motors in Chicago

A hydraulic motor is an important component of any hydraulic power transmission system. Its purpose is to convert hydraulic energy into mechanical energy. Depending on the specific application, these motors prove more suitable, efficient, and economical over their pneumatic or electrical counterparts. Hydraulic motors work in tandem with hydraulic pump. They provide the force and supply motion to move an external load. Hydraulic motors are used in a wide range of applications, such as crane drivers, winches, excavators, self-driven cranes, and roll mills, among other equipment. Here are the three commonly used Hydraulic Motors in Chicago.

Hydraulic Gear Motors

Gear motors are commonly used in agricultural and hydraulic machinery to drive dispersion plates, fans, conveyor belts, and screw conveyors. There are two major types of hydraulic gear motors: the gear motor and gear ring motor. Gear motors are high-speed motors. Their operating pressure is between 100 to 150 bar. Some key features of gear motors are low cost, high pressure, wide viscosity range, and wide temperature range. Gear ring motors or epicyclic motors have very low oil leakage. They produce large torques at low speeds.

Hydraulic Vane Motors

They are used in industrial applications, such as injection molding and mobile applications, including heavy machineries. Hydraulic vane motors are ideal for lower speed applications due to their low internal leakages. The maximum operating pressure of hydraulic vane motors is between 100 to 140 bar. They can be used in both pneumatics and hydraulics. Some typical features of hydraulic vane motors include low flow pulsation, low noise levels, simple designs, easy serviceability, and high torque at low speeds. Click here to know more.

Hydraulic Piston Motors

Piston motors are used to drive winches, construction equipment, ship-cranes, and all kinds of heavy-duty equipment. Hydraulic piston motors have high speeds and displacement volumes. If an operation needs a significant amount of power, a hydraulic piston motor is the best option.

Other common types of Hydraulic Motors in Chicago include part-turn actuators and axial plunger motors. To get quality hydraulic motors at an affordable price, choose a certified hydraulic parts supplier such as Miller Hydraulic Service Inc.

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