Understanding Worker’s Compensation in MN

If you are hurt at work, you may have a hard time getting your company to help you. While you are not able to work, your household and medical bills pile up. Many people do not know that there is legal protection for people that are injured at work. Getting the proper worker’s compensation in MN is a matter of knowing your rights.

The United States Department of Labor has four disability programs for people that are injured at work or who acquire a disease caused by their occupation. The first program provides wage replacement benefits. This program provides partial replacement of your normal wages while you are unable to work. This program can help you pay your living expenses while you are out of work.

The second program offers payment for medical treatment needed while you are not working. Regular health insurance will not cover work injuries and occupational diseases so it is important to utilize this program to avoid being stuck with the medical bills yourself. Any medical expenses, medications, testing, physical therapy, or other costs incurred as a result of your injury will be covered under this program.

The third program provides vocational rehabilitation for injured workers. This may include things that are needed to recover from the illness or injury, but it can also include training for a new job if the injury prevents from returning to you former position. They can provide job search resources, training and education to help get an injured worker back into the work force.

The fourth program is called other benefits. It can cover specific groups such as longshoremen, coal miners and federal employees. It is also designed to fill in any gaps in the other programs and can also cover a number of needs that are not covered by the other three programs.

No matter what kind of assistance you need with worker’s compensation in MN, it is important to know that the help is out there. If you are not able to get the support you need on your own consider contacting a law firm such as Malone and Atchison. They can help make sure you get all the help that you are entitled to.

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