What are Slip and Fall Accidents and Why Do You Need an Attorney?

When you shop, you’re supposed to be able to do so safely. There should be no liquids on the floor, and there shouldn’t be any objects you could trip over. When something does spill on a floor, the business is required to block it off and then clean it as quickly as possible so no one is injured. Unfortunately, this doesn’t always happen, and when a person does slip on a liquid or trip over the object and fall, the person can be seriously injured.

Injuries for a slip and fall accident range from just a twisted ankle and bruised ego to more serious head traumas. Broken bones can easily occur, and any of these can result in large medical bills. In cases like these, because the business was negligent and did not prevent the fall, these bills as well as others, should be paid by the business that caused your accident. Other bills can include lost wages or a punitive punishment ordered by a judge called pain and suffering compensation.

The insurance company will likely try to settle with you, but you should never accept the settlement before speaking with a lawyer. A Slip And Fall Attorney knows what these cases are generally worth, and they can help make sure you get all of the compensation you should receive.

The insurance company, on the other hand, will try to give you as little money as possible. Your lawyer can use evidence such as witness statements and video surveillance to prove you deserve more compensation than the insurance company is trying to give you.

You have a right to be able to shop safely. If that right has been violated, and you were injured due to slipping and falling inside a business, contact a Slip And Fall Attorney today. They can help you get the compensation you deserve and make sure that you’re not having to cover any medical bills or lost wages on your own.

If you’re not sure whom to talk with, you may want to start by taking a look at Attorneychappell.com. They’ve worked with slip and fall accidents for many years, and they will be able to help with your case as well.

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