What Does A DUI Lawyer Do?

There are very strict laws in force when it comes to drinking and driving. If a person elects to drink alcohol or take mood altering drugs and then proceed to operate a motor vehicle they run the risk of being pulled over and subjected to a number of tests to determine their sobriety. These tests often include a breathalyzer test which can accurately determine the amount of alcohol that is in the suspect’s blood stream. If the individual fails these tests he or she will be arrested, the charge will be driving under the influence, DUI. Should this happen the individual should hire a DUI lawyer in Fullerton.

A DUI lawyer is one who represents an individual charged with drinking alcohol in excess of the legal limit or using drugs and then operating a motor vehicle. This lawyer will handle all aspects of the case on behalf of the client.

It is always important that a person accused of a crime be made aware of the possible scenarios in the event of conviction; a good lawyer will explain all of this to his or her client. The outcome may be a revocation or suspension of the driver’s license, fines, court fees and even jail time in the event it is a second or third offense. The lawyer will first challenge the arrest, trying to convince the court that the charges should be dropped or at least lowered. The lawyer will often dispute whether the police officer who made the arrest did it in full compliance with the constitutional rights of the accused; the lawyer will also challenge the accuracy of the tests.

A DUI lawyer in Fullerton will explain in detail what the client should expect over the next few months. The lawyer will provide details on the sentence that can reasonably be expected if it is a first offense vs. the penalty that will be meted out to a multiple offender. During the process there will be a number of hearings, starting with the DMV and ending in court. In every case the DUI lawyer will attend the hearings and advocate for the defendant.

If you are stopped, tested and subsequently placed under arrest and charged with a DUI then getting a lawyer who is seasoned in defending people charged with this offense is important. As DUI offences are unfortunately quite common, in many cases the best way to locate a reputable DUI lawyer in Fullerton is by word of mouth.

If you are arrested and charged with driving under the influence then you will need to hire a reputable DUI lawyer in Fullerton. You are invited to contact the Law Offices of Christopher J. McCann, Criminal Defense Attorney.










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