What Drivers Should Know About a Car Accident in Fort Worth

In Texas, traffic laws apply to all accidents and define how the accidents are managed. The actions of drivers involved in the accident before and after the accident could lead to criminal convictions. They also lead to civil claims against the at-fault driver. A local attorney could provide help with a claim after a car accident in Fort Worth.

Fleeing the Scene

It is against the law for any driver involved in an accident to flee the scene. Any party that causes an accident with injuries and leaves the scene can and will face criminal charges for the offense. Traffic camera or eyewitnesses could identify the vehicle that the at-fault driver was operating. The details could lead to an arrest for the criminal offense.

DUI-Related Auto Accidents

It is also a crime for anyone who is intoxicated to operate a motor vehicle. Drunk drivers who cause traffic accidents could incur more severe penalties based on the severity levels of the victim’s injuries. Any driver who is suspected of a DUI is arrested and must submit to chemical testing. A civil claim is often filed along with criminal charges. The civil case provides a legal avenue for the victim to receive compensation for their financial losses.

Accidents Involving Pedestrians

Pedestrian laws require drivers to yield when a pedestrian is crossing the road via crosswalks. If the pedestrian is walking in the lane in which the automobile is traveling, the driver must stop and allow the pedestrian to cross the street. Any driver who hits a pedestrian must remain on the scene and wait for law enforcement. A hit and run accident could lead to severe penalties including a jail sentence.

Comparative Fault Rulings

If the victim was at fault in the accident, the court will reduce the value of the monetary award by the percentage assigned to the traffic violation. If they are at least fifty percent at fault, the victim won’t receive a monetary award.

In Texas, local laws define what actions of drivers involved in an accident constitute a criminal offense. Among the common unlawful actions related to an accident are fleeing the scene, DUIs, and hit and runs. Victims of a car accident in Fort Worth can contact the Law Firm of David S. Kohm to start a claim now.

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