What to Expect from Funeral Directors in Bel Air

by | Oct 12, 2015 | Funeral Services

Most people are not aware of all the support Funeral Directors in Bel Air provide to their clients during what is typically a very difficult time. In fact, those directors can be of service well before the death takes place. Here are some examples of what this professional can do before and after the death of a loved one.

Making Arrangements in Advance

For those who would rather make their own arrangements, Funeral Directors in Bel Air are happy to meet with clients and ensure that all the details are worked out well in advance. As part of the planning, it is possible to work with the director to create the basics of an obituary, choose a casket or urn, and even settle the details of the memorial service. Even little things such as the clothing set aside for the body or a framed picture to be placed with the cremation urn during the service can be worked out ahead of time.
Best of all, the director can help the client set up a payment plan to retire the cost in a series of installments. When it is all said and done, this approach can provide alleviate a great deal of expense and difficulty for those who are left behind.

Making Arrangements for a Loved One

If a loved one passed away and did not leave any plans in place, it falls to the family to take care of the details. For those who have never had to plan a funeral before, the task can seem overwhelming. At this point, a funeral director can step in and gently guide the family through each of those decisions. This is done with care and with the understanding that making some of those decisions will be difficult. Expect the director to exercise a great deal of patience and understanding with the family. With a gentle but firm hand guiding the process, the necessary decisions will soon be made.

For those who need help with arrangements made in advance or for a loved one who recently passed away, visit the website and arrange to speak with a director at Evans Funeral Chapel and Cremation Services today. Rest assured that everything will be arranged, and the funeral will be tasteful and dignified.

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