What To Expect From Pet Care Service In Gaithersburg, MD

In Maryland, pet owners must acquire the right care for their dogs and cats to keep them healthy. These requirements go beyond the need for vaccinations and checkups. Grooming services are a necessary part of keeping pets healthy as well. The following is what pet owners can expect from a pet care service in Gaithersburg MD.

Treating the Pet’s Coat

The pet’s coat must remain healthy to prevent unwanted problems. This is why it is necessary to acquire grooming services. The staff uses specialized products to clean the pet’s coat. They also use conditioners to prevent matting and tangling. This makes daily brushing and grooming easier. The service can also help to identify underlying conditions that could otherwise go unnoticed.

Managing Unwanted Skin Conditions

Dogs and cats can develop mild to severe skin conditions at different times throughout their lives. These skin conditions could create sores and blisters that are highly uncomfortable for these pets. The staff can provide treatment for these conditions including sulfur dip for the treatment of mange. They can provide ointments to correct other conditions and help the pets heal quickly.

Treatment for Pest Infestations

Cats and dogs can become infested with a variety of pests. They include fleas, ticks, and mites. The staff can provide flea and tick treatment through a wide array of grooming products. These products can also address lice and ear mites that can also create unwanted conditions for pets and pet owners.

Reducing the Development of Hairballs

For cats, hairballs are a nuisance that leads to throwing up and choking. These conditions can be treated through grooming services along with a healthy diet. Proper grooming for these animals can lead to a reduction in the amount of hair the cats swallow when they groom themselves.

In Maryland, pet owners can acquire invaluable services through a pet care service. These options include proper grooming for cats and dogs. The options help keep a pets’ coats healthy and reduce the volume of pests that can affect the pets negatively. Pet owners who want to acquire the services of a pet care service in Gaithersburg MD can contact The Groomery today to schedule an appointment.

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