What to Expect in a Wrongful Death Hearing?

Wrongful death claims basically involve the same premise: that a person’s death was due to the neglect or intentional act of an individual or a group, which makes that individual or group liable to the victim and the victim’s family for damages, the Illinois General Assembly states.

After Filing the Complaint

Your Rolling Meadows Wrongful Death lawyers can help you file a complaint. Once that has been served to the defendants and filed with the court, it requires the defendant to respond with an answer or motion to dismiss the case. If the judge denies that motion, the defendant might request for an immediate or interlocutory appeal, which can put your case on hold.

Presenting Evidence in Court

Attorneys on both sides know what pieces of evidence are presented long before the trial. This refers to the ‘discovery’ stage, wherein both sides provide each other the chance to explore the pieces of evidence submitted to the court and to be used for the trial.

Motions for Summary Judgment

This is when the defendant files a “motion for summary judgment” document that requests a judge to rule on a critical issue, effectively barring the jury from making that decision. If granted, these motions allow a case to be speedily dismissed.

Near to Trial

Facts of the case are established as the trial nears. Trial preparations include a lot of factual and legal research, consultations with witnesses, and ensuring that pieces of your evidence are admissible in court to support your strongest arguments.


After the jury has been picked, attorneys give opening statements, then examine and cross-examine parties and witnesses. Closing statements will then follow, and the jury deliberates on the verdict.


Going to court for a wrongful death case involves a daunting amount of legal formalities and requirements. Hire a lawyer to help you manage and win your case.

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