When to Hire a Work Comp Attorney in Minneapolis

If you want to protect yourself in a worker’s compensation situation, there are many things you, as the employee, can do. Here are some tips which can help to ensure any injury or illness which occurs because of your workplace will be covered in the way the law intended.

1. Immediately report incidents as soon as they happen, even if they seem minor.
2. Expect to be contacted by someone from the worker’s compensation office in your state following any reported accident. If you do not hear from someone within 48 hours, discuss the matter with your human resources director to make certain the report was filed.
3. Follow all instructions given by your employer about where to receive medical care if it is needed. If you choose to ignore this, you may be responsible for the medical bills.
4. Keep notes about the incident for your own records. Include the date, time and circumstances which caused the incident. If the problem was caused by faulty equipment, make notes about any complaints which had been made about the equipment in the past and whether or not it was repaired following your accident.
5. Keep all appointments for physical therapy or follow up exams following an accident.

If you feel you are not receiving the care you need, or if an employer is refusing to file a claim because they do not believe you were injured at work, contact a Work Comp Attorney in Minneapolis. They are the best resource most employees have for getting the benefits they deserve.

An attorney will review your case and do what they can to get your salary reimbursed and pay any medical bills. In some instances, if faulty equipment or extreme negligence are involved, they can represent you in an additional lawsuit.

As with any legal case, the sooner you get assistance, the easier it is for a Work Comp Attorney in Minneapolis to research and get the proof they need. The longer you wait, the easier it is to lose paperwork and forget details. So, if you are currently struggling to get the help you need.

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