Why Would a Chimney Need a New Chimney Liner Installation in North Bend, WA?

A Chimney Liner Installation in North Bend WA, is necessary for chimneys every few years. Chimneys age fast because of their exposure to the outside and the chemicals, soot, and heat that is often present in the shaft. At some point, a chimney will need a new liner because of the wear and tear on the chimney. But, the answer could be just a little more complex.

Old Chimneys Lack a Liner

Some of the older chimneys may lack a liner entirely. Chimneys built before 1960 may not have a liner, and even many after that date will not have one present. Construction of chimneys changed drastically in the early 60’s with the onset of dual-use chimneys and concrete flue liners. The chimney could be in need of a complete reassembly or deconstruction without that liner present. To salvage the chimney, it may be required to add a liner if there is not one already in the column.

Good Old-Fashioned Damage

Of course, the chimney may actually be damaged. The damage could occur because of natural wear-and-tear, but it can also be damaged in other ways. For example, something could get lodged in the chimney and that needs to be broken down. That act may cause cracks in the tile. Weather will also e a common culprit. Intense cold weather will crack the clay over time, and water that gets within the chimney may freeze and cause it to crack further.

Everything from animals to earthquakes could cause damage, which is why a chimney review is usually scheduled prior to every winter season by Thompson’s Hearth & Home.

New Heat Installation

A new heating unit could potentially be connected to the chimney. Many families are redirecting heat exhaust from their stove or furnace through their chimney. The extra burden on the chimney may require a new Chimney Liner Installation in North Bend WA. This is common for masonry chimneys as well as homes that have an older style chimney.

With enough creativity, a chimney can have a few uses. But, it always needs to be maintained for quality. Most of the chimney is hidden and out of sight, which can be a problem for checking to see if it needs a new liner.

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