Yes, DIY nail art does exist. And, yes. You can do it!

by | Dec 24, 2015 | Cosmetic & Plastic

Forget laying out the big bucks to get a design done at a nail salon! Did you know that simply with special liquid nail tape you can achieve that nail salon look… from the comfort of your home and for less money?

It’s true! Nail polish tape makes achieving those pretty looks a reality. Simply apply the liquid tape, paint and then peel away. Check out Kiesque’s Liquid Palisades today and start creating works of art on your nails now! It can be our little secret that you didn’t pay a fortune for them!

What Is Nail Polish Tape?

Forget what you know about tape. Nail polish tape is revolutionary … and nothing like what you imagine it to be. Using a special liquid latex, nail tape is easily applied to your nails before painting. Layer it for different colors, or simply lay on your cuticles to keep polish from spilling over. Then, once it’s dry, peel it off. The best part? Nail polish tape isn’t harmful to your nails or cuticles! Keep your nails gorgeous, all of the time, with Liquid Palisade’s nail tape and make do it yourself nail art the new salon manicure.

Keep Your Cuticles Clean With Nail Polish Tape

Our founder, Jacqueline Smith, used to be tormented by nail polish getting on her cuticles and nails when she was giving herself a manicure. So, she found a solution: liquid latex original nail tape. With Liquid Palisade, sloppy manicures are a thing of the past. Enjoy professional, salon-quality nail polish jobs with this nail polish tape. Line your nail bed with it, then paint. Once your polish is dry, peel and voila: gorgeous nails with polish exactly where it’s supposed to be: on your nails.

Paint Eye-Catching, Intricate Designs
Yes, you can do your own nail art. Seriously. Liquid Palisade lets you enjoy easy DIY nail art, thanks to this special nail polish tape. Want stripes? No problem! An easy French manicure? Sure! Apply tape in the design you envision, then paint them! Once your polish is dry, simply peel off the tape and you’ve got gorgeous nail art, with zero mess.

DIY stripes: Apply the liquid latex nail tape to your nail and paint a solid color (it’s ok to paint over the tape). When the polish is dry, remove the tape. Then, place new tape along the areas which have the original color and paint the other color on the nail. Remove that tape and presto! Striped nails!

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