Hire an Arborist in St. Paul, MN to Manage Large Trees

Mature trees add visual interest to every yard and landscape. They are a major investment of time and money. If the homeowner selects a tree that is too large for the yard, it may have to be removed. Therefore homeowners should consider hiring an arborist in St Paul MN before they purchase a tree. The arborist can evaluate the size of the yard and determine the proper size tree for it. He can also help select a tree that will blend with the existing landscape.

Trees need to be pruned and shaped on a regular basis. When a tree is small and the homeowner is young, this isn’t a problem. As the years go by, the homeowner may no longer be comfortable climbing on tall ladders with a chainsaw. Hiring an Arborist in St. Paul MN is a good solution to this issue. He will also know the best time to prune a tree. Some delicate trees do better when they are pruned during the winter, because they are dormant. It’s also a good time for the arborist to evaluate the overall health of a tree. He may recommend more water or fertilizer. Mulching will help the tree cope with winter cold and summer heat.

Unfortunately trees can be infested by a variety of pests. Sometimes there is no choice but to take the tree down. A dead tree can become unstable and dangerous. A professional arborist will arrive with the equipment to take down tree quickly and efficiently. From the safety of a bucket truck, he can cut the limbs off of the tallest tree. The arborist will also know which pest killed the tree. This can be valuable information for the homeowner. If termites infested the tree, the homeowner may want to consider having an extermination company treat the yard. This will prevent the termites from shifting their attention to the house.

Tree companies can quickly remove a stump and landscape the area. If the homeowner wants to replace the tree, the arborist can recommend a variety that will resist the pest that killed the first tree. He can also recommend a maintenance plan to help protect it.

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